About Us

Glen and Lara Robinson

Lara and Glen Robinson


Lara and Glen were both born and raised in California, fell in love with the aloha spirit of the islands and moved to Hawaii to live out their life’s dreams. Since Lara and Glen started in 2009, they have been so happy to open their vacation homes to visitors and share their little slice of paradise!

Stephen Hopkins

Stephen Hopkins

Property Manager

Proudly carrying on a 150 yr family legacy of serving Hawaii’s businesses, Stephen grew up on Kauai and Oahu learning at a very early age to recognize the value of client service and property management. Stephen has been instrumental in helping Glen and Lara’s business grow and at the same time helping them spend more quality time raising their children.

Braden and Ashley Robinson


Braden and Ashley are the main reason that Glen and Lara originally started their own hospitality business –they wanted to be close to them and work around their ever changing schedule.